Free Energy

Our geographical advantage (equatorial) provide us abundance of sunlight. Don’t waste them.

Minimum Investment

Spend the least money on the right solar power products / system according to your requirement.

Professional advice

Solar power system might not cheap. Consult our professional advice to get the suitable system for you.

Best Quality

We choose the best to price quality products to provide the best satisfaction to our customers.

Easy To Use

We make things easy to use with simple diagram and instruction manual.

Simple To Build

Plug & play concept which allow our customers to build their own solar power generator without technical knowledge.

Our services

What do we provide?

Solar Street Light

Street light with minimum labour cost & time.

Solar Floodlight

Variety of solar lights from solar floodlight, garden light, indoor light, etc…

Solar DIY Package

Build your simple & easy DIY solar power supply without any technical skill or professional knowledge. Just follow the instruction manual!

Solar Off-Grid System

Supply electricity for the area which is out of the service from local electricity company.


Choosing the Best Solar System For Yourself

Determining the best system size for your property and situation is not necessarily straight-forward, as there are so many variables involved, and some come down to personal preference. Our company has a great way to ascertain the system capacity needed to power your electricity needs as well as explaining more about the variables that will lead to your decision.

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The reviews

The solar floodlights are very bright and good quality, will buy again next time.

Mr Chandran Lukut Hardware Shop Owner

Lampu solar nyala sampai pagi! Tak perlu pakai TNB current lagi. Jimat!

Mohd Hasnol Sarawak Customer

My solar fish pond pump works 24 works non stop. Now I don’t need to worry for blackout.

Dato Azmie Malaysia Golf Player

Will buy again from you. Thanks!

Dato Azlam Tesco Malaysia

The solar lights worked till the morning till I pressed off.

Prof Yoeng UITM (Johor)

I save RM100 for my home tenaga bill…solar is good

Dr Azhar Klinik Lana - PJ

Hi, Mr Tong. My boss dah pasang di kebun…siap tidur sana…janji dia happy. Thanks!

Johan Putrajaya

Basic about solar power