About Us

JomSolar strived to offer sound, easy to understand, honest solutions to the farmers, fisherman, resident in rural area, environmentalist, NGO organization and volunteers; especially when it came to batteries and off grid systems.  This coupled with a drive to ensure all customers have their questions answered and needs met, we intend to be the foremost go to point for people to finally find the information they are looking for which previously was very difficult in the solar industry.

Our primary aim is to be a good member of the community, look after our planet and to be ethical in all the decisions we make. Hence we always encourage people to switch from diesel/petrol generators to solar power systems as it won't produce much sound and air pollution to our lovely environment.

We prevent up selling the products and only recommend the best cost-effective package to suit their requirement. Because we understand that people who come to us are those who intend to go green, save money from high electricity bill, helping those who live at the place without electricity.

If you would like to know more about our company or would like to inquire about becoming part of the JomSolar family, we encourage you to contact us.