We offering simple, easy and affordable solar power products and package to make life easier. They are easy to install even though the farmers, students, and non-technical workers can build the self-sufficient solar power generator by their own.

6W Solar Floodlight

6W Solar Streetlight

8W Solar Security Floodlight

10W Solar Floodlight

25W Solar Floodlight

40W Solar Floodlight

60W Solar Floodlight

100W Solar Floodlight

Solar Street Light 15W

Solar Street Light 25W

Solar Street Light 20W Premium

18W Solar Streetlight

80W Solar Streetlight

50W Solar Power System

100W Solar DC Package 1

100W Solar AC Package 1

100W Solar AC Package 2

200W Solar AC Package 1

200W Solar AC Package 2

300W Solar AC Package 1

300W Solar AC Package 2

500W Solar Inverter

1000W Solar Inverter

2000W Solar Inverter

Back Up Power 1