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Benefit for going Solar

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When we talk about Solar Power System, the application may varies into almost anything, be it just for small DIY project, domestic application and even for other stuff like for Agriculture and as travel gears need.

If I need to get the system for my industry, can it be done on my own?

Solar and battery storage systems must be installed by an experienced licensed electrical professional. Modern off-grid solar systems are typically high voltage and can generate and store huge amounts of energy which can result in damage, fire or serious injury if the installation does not meet all relevant regulations, standards & guidelines. If the project is only for small application like DIY implementation, the risk is lower. Feels free to get free consultation and get the expert from JomSolar to assist you to install this system by clicking here

Will it be expensive to implement Off-Grid Solar Power System?

It is a yes and no to that, depending on your purpose and objective of using it. If you know that installing or getting utility supply from existing utility company can be very costly for your needs, an Off-Grid Solar Power System gives more benefit and save you a lot more in term of cost in long run.

Is there a way I can sell the electricity back to TNB?

Our company no longer provides Feed-in-Tariff application proposed by government as the initiative has been put into halt at the moment. Once the program is resumed, yes indeed you can sell the energy surplus to them and have return of investment as they proposed over the time. But again, it is always best to consider one off, Off-Grid Solar Power System to first save the cost of operation and let’s the rest of the prospected benefits come later in the future as you have nothing to lose in adapting to Renewable Energy (RE)

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Off Grid Solar Power System is best for Agriculture Industry mostly