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JS-1000P Inverter

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1000W Solar Off Grid Pure Sine Wave Inverter


DC12V ~ AC 240V with CE RoHS FCC Certificates


Best for :

* Computer, PC, laptop

* Electronic, CCTV, TV

* Fan, motor, drill

* Water pump

* Refrigerator


Technical data:


Model : JS-1000P



Rated Power: 1000W

Peak Power: 2000W

Input Voltage: DC12V

Output Voltage: AC220V

Unload Current less than 1000W: 0.8A   

Low interference Technology

Turbo Cooling

Frequency: 50±0.5Hz

Wave Form: Pure Sine Wave

USB Port: 5V 1A

Max. Efficiency: 90%

Waveform Distortion: THD< 3%(Linear Load)

Input Voltage Range: 10-15V

Low Voltage Alarm: 10.5±0.5V

Low Voltage Protection: 10±0.5V

Over Voltage Protection: 15.5±0.5V

Low Voltage Recover: 13±0.5V

Over Voltage Recover: 14.8V±0.5V

Working Temperature: -10°C to +50°C

Storage Temperature: -30°C to +70°C


Item Size:

29.6 * 13.3 * 7.8cm


Item Weight:

Approx. 2.12kg


Package Size:

36 * 17.5 * 8.7cm


Package Weight:

Approx. 2.63kg


Package List:

1 * Power Inverter

2 * Connecting Cable with cable lug

4 * Fuse

1 * User Manual (English)