Application of Off-Grid Solar Power System

This system is beneficial to many usage and different industries, but here are the best application for Malaysia user:

  • + Agriculture
  • + Fisheries
  • + Construction Site
  • + Remote Location
  • + Orang Asli Settlement
  • + Yatch
  • + Motorhome or Campervan owner & more

What makes the system not viable for Domestic use?

The system is only viable for domestic use if only your electricity bill ranging from RM750 and above monthly. With approximately 3 modern air-conditioning unit that consume low power surges when the compressor runs to ensure longevity of the Hybrid Inverter and Controller Unit. Plus, it is not yet cost efficient for domestic use if your electricity bill is below the amount mentioned above

Do You Provide Installation and Delivery for the system and also bulky Solar Panel units?

Yes, customer may choose to buy online at great competitive price and choose to Self-Collect or Request for Shipping Service to desired location. For most of the equipment, most of the panels are bulky in size and heavy and will make delivery cost increased, hence we do offer delivery service at competitive rate together with installation for peace of mind from our experts using our dedicated transportation.






Construction Site


Car Pouch / Walkway


Remote Location

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Camper / Motorhome