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Off-Grid Packages

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Off-Grid Solar Power


If this is your first time reading the terminology of Off-Grid Solar Power system, here’s the explanation of what the system is all about and what make is autonomous and good for your need in long run.

What is Off-Grid Solar Power System?

It means your solar power system is totally isolated from any direct electric source from utility suppliers for example, Tenaga Nasional Berhad TNB.

What is a Hybrid Off-grid Solar Power System?

A hybrid system is our latest and most reliable unique solution from JomSolar where your system adapts to many power input sources and has very minimum devices that you need to consider on managing and buying. The Hybrid solution connects Solar Power Supply, other power supply from utility company like TNB and also other sources like generator unit to 1 system to maintain stability and redundancy.

Where can Off-Grid Solar Power be applied?


The most commonly used by Agriculture industry due to the capability of the system to power up most of the electrical appliances needed to irrigate the plants, monitoring and perimeter security and also to provide power for the workers who managed the agriculture land


Although most of houses nowadays built near the cities, the needs for solar power for housing is still there mostly in rural area where the cost of getting power supplies to the land where the house is being built is steep and access to proper infrastructure  by utilities company are very limited


Be it a boat house, a homestay or even lodging unit, Off-Grid Solar Power is the best for all hospitality industry where the generation of electricity is not producing any noise and keeping the surrounding area calm and quiet for the comfort of the guest staying in their property


This is the most common users of Off-Grid solar power system where most enthusiast basically away from civilized area and wanted to embrace and enjoy full freedom to explore to remote areas. Most consumers are Campervan owners, Night Market sellers and youngster camper goers

What electrical appliances can be powered by the system?

Available Packages Starting from RM 13,800 including installations and warranty